About JS Property

Brief company profile

JS Property was founded for the purpose of providing services in the field of project management, including all associated activities. Our team of professionals have already been actively participating in the growing market of building and development for 16 years.

Our company offers assistance to multinational companies, private investors as well as to public sector. We focus on construction and reconstruction of residential, logistic, industrial, commercial, administrative, transport, sports and leisure time buildings and facilities. In each contract, we participate from its very beginning, i.e. from searching for a suitable site for the investment goal, over preparatory and realisation stages of construction process, to successful handover of a finished building to its investors, and to subsequent putting the building into operation.

Today, JS Property Inc., provides complex services in investments construction field. .

Thanks to its wide experience in implementing below mentioned business activities, JS Property Inc. is ready to provide you with potential references as regards:

  • Civil engineering projects for banking and insurance sector;
  • Medical building constructions;
  • Commercial offices;
  • Supermarkets and other shop/storage buildings;
  • Residential real properties;
  • Car shops and petrol stations;
  • Factory buildings;
  • Sports facilities;
  • Engineering structures.

Purchase of specialized sub-deliveries, which are not provided by JS Property Inc. itself, is insured by means of a wide area network of high-grade and well-established subcontractors.

Subject of enterprise

In the frame of acquired trading certificates, JS Property Inc. provides mainly following business activities:

  • Co-ordination and management of high-volume projects – Project management;
  • Execution of civil engineering activities both in pre-project and project planning, and during the project implementation;
  • Construction control;
  • Engineering supervision;
  • Fit-out management;
  • Safety and industrial hygiene coordinator;
  • Provision of project implementation;
  • Provision of selection procedures to select investors and suppliers for investment projects;
  • Technical support for investors during the process of project preparation and implementation.

Subject of business activities

Business activities included in pre-project and project preparation:

  • Preparing EIA project incl. finding and getting relevant formal permissions;
  • Negotiations about requested documentation for territory ruling;
  • Getting valid and legitimate territory ruling for project construction;
  • Negotiations about requested planning permissions;
  • Getting all valid and legitimate planning permissions required for execution of work.

Co-operation during selection of contractors:

  • Preparing terms of competition for announcement of contest for the work contractor;
  • Co-operating with the order party during the appraisal of selection procedure;
  • Co-operating with the order party during making contract for work with the contractor.

Activities included in the process of construction execution:

  • Engineering supervision in accordance with the building act and monitoring the construction work during the overall process of the contracting work realization;
  • Inspection of keeping building approval terms during the overall process of the contracting work realization;
  • Systematic keeping records of the contracting work realization and registering completed parts of the construction;
  • Participating in negotiations as regards sundry terms and conditions including any project changes, which do not add up qualified construction or operational costs and do not prolong the term of performance, or do not deteriorate construction parameters; Other subcontracts and changes to the contract with all necessary comments shall be submitted to the order party (investor);
  • Briefing the order party (investor) about all substantial circumstances;
  • Bookkeeping and expenditure control;
  • Controlling objective and price correctness including integrity of valuation data and invoices, supervising if they meet contracting terms and are submitted to the order party (investor) to be settled; checking parts of deliveries that are to be hidden or unavailable in further procedures;
  • Ensuring co-operation with the project engineer staff responsible for an author project inspection; Supervising implemented deliveries and work with the project plan;
  • Ensuring co-operation of the project engineer staff and the contractor’s supplier/s during implementing or proposing measures to removing potential project defects;
  • Keeping and monitoring construction records in accordance with the terms defined in related contracts;
  • Applying proposals aimed to economizing future use of the completed construction;
  • Announcing archaeological and other finds;
  • Co-operating with the contractors staff in their effort to prevent or eliminate damages in case of any natural disaster risk;
  • Supervising if the general contractor accomplishes the imposed and agreed tests of materials, constructions and work; checking their results; Requesting documents proving quality of performed work and deliveries (testimonials, records etc.);
  • Inspecting the work flow according to the construction timing and contracting provisions; Warning about breach of deadlines; Collecting data for applying sanctions;
  • Collecting data for final appraisal of the contract work during its construction;
  • Collecting data for final handover and takeover of the contract work or its parts; Participating in negotiations dealing with handover and takeover including issuing relevant records;
  • Inspection of making remedy, i.e. removal of project deficiencies and backlogs found during the takeover in agreed deadlines;
  • Checking the building clearance;
  • Participating in testing operation;
  • Handover of the investment property to the order party (investor) incl. its designation;
  • Dealing with complaints related to the contracting work within the guarantee period;
  • In accordance with terms of the contract participating in settlement of disputes

Statutory approval of the construction

  • Preparation for the statutory approval of the construction incl. getting legitimate approvals and all relevant documents; Participation in all statutory approval proceedings;
  • Procuration of meeting requests and terms arising from the statutory approvals.

HASWA (Health & Safety at Work Act) Coordinator

HASWA Coordinator’s responsibilities in the preparatory phase of the construction work:

  • Planning of HASWA on the base of the construction work schedule;
  • Making list of HASWA regulations obligatory within executing the construction work;
  • Providing information about potential risks related to executing the construction work;
  • Taking protective and coordination measures to ensure safe execution of the construction work;
  • Making list of HASWA obligations for contractors, subcontractors and contracting authority;
  • Issuing instruction manual of the construction site maintenance in 2 originals.

HASWA Coordinator’s responsibilities in the implementation phase of the construction work:

  • Concurrent update of HASWA plan;
  • Provable familiarization of all contracting parties with potential risks of any other interested party;
  • Labelling the construction site (Act No 309/2006 of Coll.);
  • Steering controls of all interested parties activities within overall time of executing the construction work; Keeping records of project deficiencies and proposals for taking measures;
  • Proposing acceptable measures to reduce HASWA risks;
  • Keeping coordinator’s records (activity log, control sheets, proposals for taking measures, statement of coordinator’s activities, monthly report of the coordinator);
  • Participating in construction meetings (in compliance with the need);
  • Reporting each infraction of HASWA regulations incl. specifying sanctions enforced toward the contractor in accordance with the contract for work;
  • Further activities of the HASWA coordinator as defined in Act No 309/2006 of Coll. a related legislature).
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