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Schematic preparation:

  • testing whether the investment plan is in harmony with the development plan in the area of interest and the subsequent procurement of planning area data
  • providing information about size and capacity of the catchment area of inhabitants
  • securing all basic documents from the land registry (i.e. pictures from the cadastral plan, abstracts from trust certificates, title deeds, comparative building plots drafting), examining all possible obligations stemming from trust certificates and plot map preparation
  • elaboration of expert opinions on land and properties
  • formation of contracts of purchase, right of user contract establishment including authentication by a notary public, placing contracts in land registry
  • negotiating with buried services administrators about possible changes, capacities and tapping points to existing conduits and media
  • digital geodetic topographical orientation of building sites including bearings of tapping points of buried services and traffic junctions
  • hydro-geologist's expert opinion including drilling and driving penetrometers used for affordable proposition of building foundation mode
  • expert opinion on possible soil contamination in the area of interest
  • expert opinion on filled zones in the area of interest
  • coordination of the investment plan with activities on adjacent land
  • preliminary negotiation with all administrative authorities involved
  • negotiations with owners of adjacent land concerning pipe connection of tapping points to all buried services and about road access in order to obtain their consent to the intended construction
  • obtaining special documents in accordance with Act no. 244/1992 or no. 100/2001 Sb.(of the Collection of laws of the Czech Republic) regarding assessment of impact on the environment - an E.I.A. process
  • providing elaboration of expert opinion (i.e. opposition) under the rule of Act no. 244/1992 or no. 100/2001 Sb. - E.I.A. .

Project preparation:

  • in cooperation with chosen project organisation securing documents and standpoints of public institutions and persons necessary for rendering an area decision
  • amendments to documents for area management in compliance with specific requirements of relevant authorities
  • cooperation in discrepant negotiations and proceedings
  • participation on area management and procuring decisions about building locations
  • summary of results and incorporating new conditions of construction placement into project documentation
  • in cooperation with the chosen project organisation securing documents and standpoints of public institutions and persons necessary for an issue of building permission
  • participation on area management and procuring building permission

Building realisation:

  • arranging building conversions before its completion
  • securing all basic documents and statements of all relevant authorities in the course of building realisation
  • arranging the preparation of the building for approval process including securing approvals and all relevant documents and participation in all approval proceedings
  • securing the fulfilment of all requirements and conditions arising from the approval process
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