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Engineering supervision

  • providing engineering supervision under the rule of the building and construction law in the course of the entire realisation process and supervising over the progress of the building process
  • handing over of the building site protocols to the contractor
  • performing obligations according to section no. 152 of building and construction law, Articles 1 and 3
  • ensuring that conditions of the building permission and measures of construction supervision authority are adhered to
  • calling and managing days of construction control
  • thorough and systematic updating of documents vital for building realisation plus record-keeping of finished parts of the building
  • participation in negotiating supplements and changes to the project, which do not increase construction or operation set costs; which do not prolong contract time, and which do not decline building parameters. Submitting all the other supplements and changes provided with relevant expertise to the investor.
  • keeping the investor updated about all relevant circumstances
  • management and control of drawing on funds
  • controlling objective and price correctness as well as basic documents and invoice completeness; whether or not they are in accordance with relevant contracts and their submitting for liquidation to the investor.
  • controlling those parts of delivery, which will be covered during the subsequent procedure or will be inaccessible
  • cooperation with designer's workers delegated to observe the work in making sure that the realised jobs and deliveries are in harmony
  • cooperation with designer and provider of construction works in performing or proposing measures for removal of possible complications to the project
  • supervising construction and assembly books administration in accordance with the conditions stipulated in relevant contracts
  • making use of schemes oriented towards rationalized operation of finished building in the future
  • announcing archaeological and other findings
  • cooperation with contractor's workers in performing measures for eliminating and limiting damage caused by natural disasters
  • checking whether or not the general contractor performs prescribed tests of materials, constructions and works as well as checking their results and asking documents proving quality of performed work and deliveries (i.e. certificates reports, etc.)
  • comparing actual work progress to the working plan and contract clauses, warning of not adhering to deadlines, preparation of documents for enforcing penalties
  • submitting readiness to build to other contractors for ensuing processes
  • participation and cooperation in construction checks, proceedings stemming from permission to use certain parts of the building before its completion and the final inspection carried out by the building office according to the building law
  • preparation of basic documents necessary for the final building assessment in the course of the building process
  • preparation of basic documents for the release or the takeover of the building or its parts and participation on proceedings concerning the release or the takeover including preparation of relevant protocols
  • checking elimination of defects and backlogs found when the work is accepted within agreed deadline
  • securing preparation of the building for the approval process including relevant documents and participation on all approval proceedings
  • ensuring fulfilling of all requirements and conditions following the approval process
  • supervising the building site clearing process
  • participation on the test operation
  • handing over the fixed asset to the employer (investor) and its classification
  • dealing with deficiency claims made within the warranty period
  • participation on dispute settlements in accordance with contract conditions
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